Batsy And Cat, Sittin’ In A Tree…

Issue #3, Batman (Fall 1940)

Moody!Monday, Batfans!

So let’s see if the technology around here is planning to stick around and work a little longer, eh? Last month was a wash in the Snark department for precisely that reason.


And there towards the end of the month, especially, I just was SO frustrated and annoyed that my Snarky nature took a vacation.


But I’m back. *fingers crossed* Provided the tech holds out.




I was completely distraught last month when the HD failure wouldn’t let me access my archives. I mean *really* upset. For a few reasons that are obvious (over 2 TB of data… gone), and one that might not be:


But more on that later. Right now, we have to check in on a pair of humble Gothamites returning home from a raucous night on the town:

They head off to put away the jewels and we turn our attention to just outside, where all the yelling has caught someone’s attention:

Sneaking in, Cat!Woman turns a gun on the pair and demands the jewels which are quickly handed over:

She escapes into the night:


Unsurprisingly, this sets off all sorts of grumbling among the denizens:

It doesn’t take long until word reaches the Commish:

An appointment that he almost immediately regrets:

Across town:


Of course, he’s the only one who seems unhappy with this turn of events:

Happy!Batsy practically leaps out of the house in his glee:

And off he goes:

Our hero skulks along the streets of Gotham until he hears a distant cry for help and races over to a corner around which he finds one man getting beat down by 3 others. This, naturally, derails his plans to capture the Cat:

He proceeds to Bat!Punch the CRAP out of them:

Baddies disposed of, our hero races to the side of the victim:

But before McStabbity can finish his tale of woe, one of the formerly beat-down attackers manages to regain his feet and sneak up on Batsy:

Unfortunately, just then a cop comes around the corner and, fearing apprehension, baddie leaps into a car and speeds off:


But, alas, Batsy has more important things to do:

Leaving McGonnie to come to and do his job, sans report of Batsy’s involvement because he doesn’t want to get laughed into oblivion again. And the next day:

This sets our hero off to visit his good friend Gordon:

Funny you should mention those gems:

Even Bruce is concerned:


So, of course, the next night, good ol’ Brucie is in attendance at this diamond exhibit, noting the location of all the GCPD and guards, as you do:

The show begins once everyone is seated and it quickly becomes what any ol’ diamond and jewelry show should be:

As the night winds down, alas, so does the fashion show, with the last model wearing the most decadent of the bunch:


Inside the elevator, Blonde!Bombshell sheds her disguise:


The GCPD downstairs are thrown of when the elusive!Cat comes streaking out of the elevator, but she’s gone before they get a chance to do more than stare…but she doesn’t get far:

Shoved in the back, they all take off for parts unknown:


Thankfully, they’re being followed:

One guess who’s driving said toy car:

Back at the Salon, Brucie sheds his playboy look in favor of his spandex and heads out the window to slink after his prey:

Seems Diamond!Darrel is up to no good:

A quick call to Robin to confirm, and he heads out with his captive to rendezvous with his little ‘boo at Baddie!HQ:

Everyone is startled to see Darrel, but especially Hoffer:

But before Hoffer pulls the trigger, our heroes burst into the room:

Pun!ches fly from all sides before Batsy makes it over to undo the Cat’s bindings:

Once freed, Pissy!Pussy reacts about as well as you’d expect:

Trussed up, Hoffer tries to get all uppity with our heroes, claiming it’s their word against that of the Bat, when Batsy drops the intel-bomb:

Duly chastised into silence, Batsy sets about ‘splaining to Cat about the big double-cross plan:


Hoffer sees no reason to keep lying and spills about the murder plot, and once that’s out in the open, Batsy turns to his new lady!Boo:

Grateful!Kitteh is grateful:


But before our hero can react to the sweet sweet warmth of Cat’s kiss:


They race outside, but by the time they get to the driveway, Cat’s already getting away:

Robin reluctantly agrees and points out the obvious:

But Batsy’s mind is elsewhere:


Later, as McGonigle frets his way along the sidewalk in downtown Gotham, he finds himself being hailed by way of tossed box:

Inside the box:

And not far off, we check in on one last figure whose thoughts are taking a stroll through the romantic:


Until next time!


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