Batman Gets A Case Of The Giggles

dc45introIssue #45, Detective Comics (Nov 1940)

Batman & Robin in… “The Case Of The Laughing Death!”

Moody!Monday, Batfans!

Wow. November. Goodness.

Still hammering out details about just what on earth we’re going to serve for Thanksgiving, but I’m thinking we might just take a food we love and wish to celebrate and eschew the traditional turkey n’ fixin’s here at Hus Af Snark.

Or perhaps we’ll try something totally new. Who knows.

What I DO know is this: I cannot believe it’s already November and that we’ll be coming up on Christmas in a little over a month. No pressure right? I’ve been working on my wishlist for the holidays and, frankly, the one thing topping it is the Kindle Fire.

I know. Bring on the haters. But I can’t afford an iPad, and considering how in love with my Kindle I am, it’d be nice to have one that I could view my comics on as well! Talk about multitasking.

And to that end…


When last we saw our caped crusader, he was busy chastising Young!Dick for reading a book and passing out on his watch. Well, not really, but the implication was there that books are bad, because they lead to wild flights of dreaming fancy replete with giants and dwarves and other such general nonsense. We open this issue with Peeping!Batsy taking a gander at a group of skulking men, clearly up to no good:

Once inside, they get to work, prepping to turn off the alarm and get down to some serious stealing, but before they get anywhere, they find themselves face to face with:

Alas, our hero doesn’t joust the baddies to death. Instead, he uses the lance as a makeshift pole vault to launch himself over the heads of the baddies and grapple a chandelier:

Batsy makes it to another balcony and then decides that the chandelier isn’t the worst decorating choice in the room:

He pendulums his way over to knock down a statue, while he’s at it, pinning three of the baddies underneath:

Our hero moves on, remodeling complete, to finish the job with the last four baddies:

One of the guys manages to escape, and Batsy trails him to a pawn broker somewhere on the other side of town:

When he sneaks in after the guy, he discovers the shop is empty and immediately sets out to prove that there MUST be a hidden compartment somewhere:

Meanwhile, Batman’s quarry somehow ends up in the music store RIGHT NEXT (A. Rekoj Music) to the pawn shop, where the Big!Boss immediately gets his panties in a bunch because his crew wasn’t successful. When the lone!hench explains that it’s all Batman’s fault, Big!Boss realizes that it was inevitable that our hero would intervene and lets the matter drop.

A!Rekoj heads into his hidey-hole lair to get a bit more comfortable:

Meanwhile, Batsy is still stumped as to where the henchie went to, but realizes he can’t keep checking the same spot. So he vows to keep an eye on the place and takes off for the night. The next day, DA!Carter gets an unusual package, containing an unusual album:

Rather than stop the offending noise, DA!Carter is determined to hear the record to it’s completion:

A pair of patrolmen going by outside hear the weird laughter and rush in to see what could possibly be going on, finding the dead DA and the creepy music still playing. The newspapers hear of the story and splash it all over the front page, eventually making Bruce and Young!Dick aware of what’s going on:

Later that night, A!Rekoj sends his goons out for another job:

Batsy notes the men leaving with their instruments and follows them:

The Imposter!Band hit the stage and start to pull out their instruments:

The baddies round up the loot, stick it all in a bag and then:

Of course, they’re BOTH interrupted by the arrival of our hero:

The!Joker beats a hasty retreat, with Tornado!Batsy hot on his heels:

Having lost the Joker, Batsy settles on following the other thugs, hitching a ride on the back of their car to make sure he doesn’t lose them along the way:

Once inside the pawn store, they trigger the hidden entrance while our hero watches from the doorway:

The goons inform A!Rekoj of the bad news, and he promptly dismisses them for being idiots before heading back down to his secret room:

Batman chimes in with his two cents, interrupting the triumphant gloating of our beloved!baddie, but always on guard, The!Joker proves he’s ready for our hero:

Pleased as punch by his cleverness, Joker leaves him there to slowly suffocate, having a date with $500,000 worth of Oceanic treasure.

As soon as he’s gone, we learn why Batman has a utility belt:

Finally free, our hero searches the hideout and discovers that a ship, the S.S. Oriental, is due to bring a $500,000 Jade Buddha to the port, to be sold to buy food, clothes and medical supplies for the Chinese.

Fast forward to the ship in question, where sailors on board are helping to rescue a stranger whose plan has gone down in the water nearby:

Once alone, the Joker is all smiles, meanwhile our hero is batplaning his way to the ship:

As our hero scales the side of the ship, the Joker is already hard at work inside, gas-gunning and torching his way to the prize:

Batman bursts in and disarms the Joker, who races out on deck to escape. A foot chase ensues, replete with fire axe attacks:

And forceful kicks:

Robin arrives in time to distract the Chinese delegates, who are under the mistaken impression that Batman is the thief, and causes a distraction enough for Batsy to get all fancy, do some leaps and deliver the finishing blow to The Joker:

Everyone apologizes and the Buddha is back in the hands of the Chinese. At least, until they sell it. But that’s a story for another time!

Until Thursday!


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