I Have Not Abandoned You!

Things have been super crazy around here, what with In-Law visits and Audio project deadlines looming. However! We have a few things cooking right now, one of which can be found here: and listened to LIVE ever ...


Fangirl Friday! Something’s Fishy…

Happy post get-drunk and explode things day to you, everyone! The fireworks were going off on our street until, oh, almost 2 in the morning. Sounded like a warzone out there at one point, and the Feline Mafia promptly flocked to my door to give me “WTF IS GOING ON?!” updates.


Hell, at almost 6 am there was STILL a haze in the air from all the celebrating.

I’m actually quite glad we had someone come remove the Blackberry Bush of Doom on Wednesday. Would’ve hated for it to go up in flames from an errant sparkler. And considering how big the thing was getting, I’m pretty certain it would’ve just stood on up and rampaged down the block all aflame.


But enough about that. It’s Fangirl Friday! I have a new mani for you, some ravings about the various media consumed by us in the past week…and yeah.  I’m a bit scattered today, early apologies!


Fangirl Friday!

(Snarkstress: I have found myself suffering from a bit of a .gif addiction. As such, this post is full of them (and pictures), so … you’ve been warned if things run a touch slower.)

I don’t know about you guys, but, MAN, am I glad it’s Friday.


It’s been quite a week around ye olde Hus af Snark and we’re both ready for a little Solstice Parade this weekend. And not just because there will be naked cyclists, either. (Although, it’s fascinating the dedication these people have to riding nude but for a little body paint in the chill and rain of the PacNW summer. Really.)


Either way, I thought a post was in order this Friday because I was having a little chat with Dragon the other day and, newsflash, he pointed out that there are some things that make me totally a girl.



Emo!Thor Sees The Unseen!

tmt187intro Issue #187, The Mighty Thor (April 1971) The Mighty Thor “The World Is Lost!” Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor enthusiasts! *checks the time* Yup. Coming in juuuuust under the wire. Apologies. It’s been a long, tough day full of all sorts of emotional stuff. So I’m going to keep this part short and sweet. Life is about two things: ...

Emo!Thor Gets Wrapped

tmt181intro Issue #181, The Mighty Thor (October 1970) The Mighty Thor “One God Must Fall!” Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts! So. Skyrim: Dawnguard. That’s still happening. I managed to survive the Soul Cairn and gain both the ability to summon a spectral horse and a spectral dragon, which… AWESOME. Now it’s on to the regular Elder Scroll part of the quest that, well, I’ve already done twice, so I suppose it shouldn’t take too long. I just loathe going into the Dweomer ruins, like whoa. Perhaps it’ll be easier in Vampire Lord form? Hmm. The possibilities are staggering. Either way, I’m going to attempt to get it all wrapped up before we leave for the theater tonight so I can start fresh on Uncharted 2 tomorrow. I really enjoyed Uncharted, so here’s hoping the second one (which I hear is even better) lives up to the hype. ...

San Diego Comic Con Jealousy

tmt180intro Issue #180, The Mighty Thor (September 1970) The Mighty Thor “When Gods Go Mad!” Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts! So… there’s a little shindig down south of here starting today. It’s called the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), maybe you’ve heard of it? One of the hottest tickets of the year, chock full of enough geekery goodness to make a nerdlet like me squee’splode repeatedly. Exclusive comics and other collectables, panels with special guests, cosplay like whoa, and parties that exhaust the most stalwart of partygoers. ...

Batsy Battles Insanity!

dc57intro Issue #57, Detective Comics (November 1941) Batman and Robin in “Twenty-Four Hours to Live!” Moody!Monday, Batfans! Yup. I managed to squeak one out this morning since I’ve been so lax lately. Nothing like spinning a few plates to keep one on their toes, right? I trust everyone managed to survive April Fool’s Day relatively unscathed? I was amused by Think Geek’s normal outlandish offerings (of which 4 of those things MUST become real products because I would just trip all over myself…SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!) and AdBlock’s introduction of CatBlock (which will become a monthly subscription reality, I believe) made the intertoobs a more feline place to peruse. ...