Fangirl Friday! Where’s The Bat?

It’s late. I’ll keep this succinct. kronkclap Things have been insane around here, and I had started the Batsy post for Monday, but then… things went a little sideways. Between the Virtual Book Tour (the live interview we did on podcast can be found at THIS link) and the hard drive upon which I store ALL my comics deciding to die, it’s been a hell of a week. lokidonteven My one bright spot?
*insert spontaneous fangasms all over the house*
  I know you’ll forgive me for not having Batsy up. I need to see how many of my comics I can recover, particularly since the issue I was working on (#3) has somehow decided to go the way of the Dodo, leaving me a little… annoyed. angrykitteh But since I couldn’t bring you Batsy snark, I did the next best thing: getdrunk ...

Two-Thor-One, Fangirl Friday Post!

It’s Friday! Not Thursday. Because I was *really* busy yesterday, so I ran out of time to get all the way through Emo!Thor.



As there hasn’t been a lot to report around Hus af Snark this week, I thought I may as well just give it to you with the Friday post. Because I’m reserving my Fridays for “in case I didn’t get to it” posts and whatnot.

But I’m not forgetting what I *really* like to put up on Fridays, because it’s the Fangirl post, SO let's get this party started!



Rest In Pieces, Daddy!Odin.

Issue #198, The Mighty Thor (April 1972) The Mighty Thor “—And Odin Dies!” Thunderous Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts! thorfumble It’s a fluffy grey day here in Seattle and, considering how sunny and warm it’s supposed to get by the middle of next week, quite lovely out there. It’s certainly perfect weather for Thor to get his emo-on. Keep your eyes peeled this Friday. If I can get my nails to look the way I want, there will be some delicious nail!pr0n for you to admire. And for the unimpressed among you, I’ll be giving some reviews on what we’ve played through the last two weeks. (Four words: The Last Of Us.) There might even be some movie/tv reviews up for your enjoyment. allthebones   But the huge news of the day? The Supreme Court’s declaration that DOMA is unconstitutional. giddy   ...

Emo!Thor Gets Wet!

Issue #197, The Mighty Thor (March 1972) The Mighty Thor “The Well At The Edge Of The World!” Thunderous Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts! thorarmor I bet you think I forgot all about you. Were you feeling unloved? Ignored? UNFULFILLED? UN-GIF’D? Well, say no more. Yea, verily, though things around here be changing, I haven’t forgotten you all. shyhammie So let’s talk about what’s gonna be changing around here, shall we? ...

Emo!Thor Gets His Groove On!

tmtintro196 Issue #196, The Mighty Thor (February 1972) The Mighty Thor “Within The Realm of KARTAG!” GOOOOOOOD Morning & THUNDEROUS Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts! Today’s update comes to you from a healthy dose of guilt (because I’ve ignored my beloved Asgardian for WAY too long and left y’all hanging) AND caffeine. Lots of it. So apparently I’m a lying liar about keeping this updated, and for that, well. You know. But I’ve got very good reasons: ...

Wedding Bells For Sif

tmt193intro Issue #193, The Mighty Thor (November 1971) The Mighty Thor “What Power Unleashed?” Thunderous!Thursday, oh Emo!Thor Enthusiasts! First things first, I did want to extend my condolences to those of you on the East Coast who had to deal with Hurricane!Sandy’s presence this week. I’ve been through a Typhoon or two in my time, so I know what a bitch the aftermath can be. Here’s hoping you all recover quickly. I trust everyone had an eventful (or, if you’re like us, an un-eventful) Halloween? We spent it like misers, eating tasty subs and watching all the Halloween programming we’d been saving up on. And, of course, recording The Black Cat for all of you. *winks* ...