She!Hulk Gets Misunderstood

The Savage She-Hulk, #3 (April 1979) Tempestuous!Tuesday, Shulkanauts! shulkiereveal That sound you hear? That’s the sound of my squee when I discovered that, though the status of a few of my comics collections remains on shaky ground, I had NO problems getting into my She!Hulk stash. yaypup Thank heavens, because I was about to seriously cry bitter tears of emo-woe that would make even Emo!Thor jealous. sadrapunzel And we know he generally has the market cornered on emo. thorrain This week we’ve been busy with the Book Tour, and you can follow its progress at our FB Fan Page, if you’d like. If you’ve read our books, fantastic! Let us know what you think in the comments, or leave a review on amazon or whathaveyou. We always love to hear from our fans. And speaking of fans… goodness, it’s been warm here lately! Well, warm for Seattle (mid 80s), but you’d swear the city were melting with the hysteria around the temps. As always, we’re quite happy that we have central AC. hotowl   Beyond that, this week has already been filled with too many dental visits, prepping for the arrival of Dragon’s Mom next month, and just general shenanigannery around ye olde Hus af Snark. I’ve been working on a bunch of audiobook projects and working my little heiney off doing something that, besides this blog, I truly enjoy. I mean really… my voice, reading books to you? What’s not to like? hairflipme But you’re not here to hear me gloat about my awesomeness, are you? ...

Fangirl Friday! Where’s The Bat?

It’s late. I’ll keep this succinct. kronkclap Things have been insane around here, and I had started the Batsy post for Monday, but then… things went a little sideways. Between the Virtual Book Tour (the live interview we did on podcast can be found at THIS link) and the hard drive upon which I store ALL my comics deciding to die, it’s been a hell of a week. lokidonteven My one bright spot?
*insert spontaneous fangasms all over the house*
  I know you’ll forgive me for not having Batsy up. I need to see how many of my comics I can recover, particularly since the issue I was working on (#3) has somehow decided to go the way of the Dodo, leaving me a little… annoyed. angrykitteh But since I couldn’t bring you Batsy snark, I did the next best thing: getdrunk ...

Two-Thor-One, Fangirl Friday Post!

It’s Friday! Not Thursday. Because I was *really* busy yesterday, so I ran out of time to get all the way through Emo!Thor.



As there hasn’t been a lot to report around Hus af Snark this week, I thought I may as well just give it to you with the Friday post. Because I’m reserving my Fridays for “in case I didn’t get to it” posts and whatnot.

But I’m not forgetting what I *really* like to put up on Fridays, because it’s the Fangirl post, SO let's get this party started!



Fangirl Friday! Polish Haul and Hilarity!

Fabulous Fangirl Friday to you all! chaplinyay I’ve been to the dentist twice now this week, both for the same stupid temporary crown. All I can say is: It’s a darned good thing I actually like my dentist. And I am *so* happy that she gives me valium. mightthor It’s been spectacularly sunny and warm here in gray ol’ Seattle-town, although the clouds moving in tonight make me wonder if it’s going to last. We’re both hoping that Saturday, at least, is full of awesome weather as we have a date with friends and their bbq. I’m even making red velvet for the occasion. You *know* it’s going to be a good time when Snarkstress busts out the baking pans. yayclap Pictures may, or may not, be forthcoming. So that you, too, can marvel at my baking-fu. I’ve also been working a LOT on recording a new audiobook for a fantastic author. A book that, may I share, is amazingly good and leaves me incredibly humbled to be a part of. The characters are so rich and so much fun, the story is addictive, and, um, the sexiness in it? Un.Be.Lievable. I’ll share more when it’s available because, seriously, it’s a fun read. hiddleapprove And speaking of great books, the fifth book in the Charlie Davidson series by Darynda Jones, “Fifth Grave Past the Light” was released this week and it’s been staring at me from my Kindle’s screen. I’ve only been able to read a couple of chapters (I know, bad Snarkstress!) but with as busy as I’ve been, well, you know. I plan to have it finished this weekend. Or at least by next Friday. catreading And, because it’s relevant: Our audiobook is out there on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon, along with e-copies and hard copies. *Shameless plugging to your right. arrow1s_e0* You’ll also notice over there that I’ve finally added a link to my Pinterest boards. Because Pinterest is the purest, most evil time suck ever. And I love it. laaaaugh SO! Let’s talk about nails. ...

The Tragedy! The EMO! Sad Panda She!Hulk!

The Savage She-Hulk, #2 (March 1979)


Tempestuous!Tuesday, Shulkanauts!

San Diego Comic Con is coming up. And we are not going to be there. Because we cannot, for the life of us, get our hands on tickets before they sell the hell out.


And Patrick Warburton is going to be there with Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick.


*Le sigh*

So I must distract myself with gifs and She!Hulk.


Rest In Pieces, Daddy!Odin.

Issue #198, The Mighty Thor (April 1972) The Mighty Thor “—And Odin Dies!” Thunderous Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts! thorfumble It’s a fluffy grey day here in Seattle and, considering how sunny and warm it’s supposed to get by the middle of next week, quite lovely out there. It’s certainly perfect weather for Thor to get his emo-on. Keep your eyes peeled this Friday. If I can get my nails to look the way I want, there will be some delicious nail!pr0n for you to admire. And for the unimpressed among you, I’ll be giving some reviews on what we’ve played through the last two weeks. (Four words: The Last Of Us.) There might even be some movie/tv reviews up for your enjoyment. allthebones   But the huge news of the day? The Supreme Court’s declaration that DOMA is unconstitutional. giddy   ...

Absolutely GREEN With Awesome

The Savage She-Hulk, #1 (February 1979) The She-Hulk Lives! Temptation!Tuesday, She!Hulkanauts! shehulk So I mentioned last month that I’d start running a new couple of comics in the coming months rotations. A little background: You all know I’m a huge Wonder Woman fan. And if you didn’t, well, you haven’t been paying attention. I forgive you. In any event, Dragon and I were having a conversation about women in the different comic universes, and while strong women have been represented in both, only DC has had a long-running female based comic. While the both of us could name several strong feminine characters in the Marvel universe, we couldn’t come up with even *one* that had their own long-running series. Which led to me scouring the intertoobs with my google-fu, and thusly I discovered Spiderwoman and She-Hulk. Spiderwoman proved really quite tough to get ahold of back issues, but I was able to find She-Hulk’s stories in her brief, but intriguing solo series. ...

Emo!Thor Gets Wet!

Issue #197, The Mighty Thor (March 1972) The Mighty Thor “The Well At The Edge Of The World!” Thunderous Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts! thorarmor I bet you think I forgot all about you. Were you feeling unloved? Ignored? UNFULFILLED? UN-GIF’D? Well, say no more. Yea, verily, though things around here be changing, I haven’t forgotten you all. shyhammie So let’s talk about what’s gonna be changing around here, shall we? ...

Emo!Thor Gets His Groove On!

tmtintro196 Issue #196, The Mighty Thor (February 1972) The Mighty Thor “Within The Realm of KARTAG!” GOOOOOOOD Morning & THUNDEROUS Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts! Today’s update comes to you from a healthy dose of guilt (because I’ve ignored my beloved Asgardian for WAY too long and left y’all hanging) AND caffeine. Lots of it. So apparently I’m a lying liar about keeping this updated, and for that, well. You know. But I’ve got very good reasons: ...