Batsy Keeps It Close

dc94intro Issue #94, Detective Comics (Dec 1944) Batman & Robin: “No One Must Know!” Moody!Monday, Batfans!

It’s one hell of a gloomy day out there! I don’t know what it is… perhaps it’s just the darkness of the day. But it’s certainly not a “Dark” day all the way around! I’m still dealing with all of last week’s craziness, but the weekend was not a complete wash. And I have to say… ...


Emo!Thor Faces Off!

tmt179intro Issue #179, The Mighty Thor (August 1970) The Mighty Thor “No More The Thunder God!” Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts! Happy Post Exploding Combustibles Day! I do hope you all had a trauma-free July 4th (those that celebrate). The festivities around here started at, oh, 10pm the 3rd…and kept right on going until amost 4am today. Faaabulous. We celebrated with sausages and ‘taters, and a whole lotta Assassin’s Creed: Revelations up in this joint. No really. A lot. I have to say, it’s probably the most frustratingly gorgeous game I’ve played in recent history. GAMEFLY FOR THE WIN! ...