I Have Not Abandoned You!

Things have been super crazy around here, what with In-Law visits and Audio project deadlines looming. However! We have a few things cooking right now, one of which can be found here: and listened to LIVE ever ...


Wonder Woman Joins The Circus!

Issue #1, Wonder Woman (June 1942) Wondrous!Wednesday, Amazon!Fanatics! We’re back with the second story from ‘Ish #1 of WW. humpdaywoop What a week so far. Between the unexpected death of Glee’s Cory Monteith, the unexpected not-guilty verdict in the Zimmerman case, and the unexpected passing of 13 year-old Talia Castellano, the news has been pretty much just sadness and woe. There have been riots and tears all around, and here in sunny Seattle, we’ve been doing what we can to keep perky. bunnuzzle2 Mostly by ingesting obscene amounts of giffage while working like a madwoman on editing my latest audiobook project and hammering out chapters for book 3 of The Nemesis Chronicles. faketyping The week *did* start out rather nicely, to be honest. We had a wonderful weekend with some friends. Broke out the Risk: Godstorm game and just had a blast. Good food (amazeballs burgers on the grill, ‘tater and mac salads), laughter, and awesome friends make for fun times. nomnomnom Then Snarkstress had to get sick. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I have  a sore throat like nobody’s business, and feel like warmed over death. I’m seconds away from devolving into a whiny girl-child, and nobody wants that, trust me. So I’m going to drink some more tea (with some honey we picked up at a local farmer’s market the aforementioned friends introduced us to) and see what I can do to laugh, quietly and mostly in my brain, by embracing my inner Amazon and telling this ickiness to GTFO. frogkick And who better to help keep the giggles going than our delightful daughter of Hippolyte? ...

Fangirl Friday!

(Snarkstress: I have found myself suffering from a bit of a .gif addiction. As such, this post is full of them (and pictures), so … you’ve been warned if things run a touch slower.)

I don’t know about you guys, but, MAN, am I glad it’s Friday.


It’s been quite a week around ye olde Hus af Snark and we’re both ready for a little Solstice Parade this weekend. And not just because there will be naked cyclists, either. (Although, it’s fascinating the dedication these people have to riding nude but for a little body paint in the chill and rain of the PacNW summer. Really.)


Either way, I thought a post was in order this Friday because I was having a little chat with Dragon the other day and, newsflash, he pointed out that there are some things that make me totally a girl.



Wonder Woman Takes The Stage!

wwintro1 Issue #1, Wonder Woman (June 1942) Wonderous!Wednesday, Amazon!Fanatics! This week I’ll keep it short and sweet, considering how long this snarking is. (And keep in mind, this post will only cover the FIRST story in issue #1...there are 4 of them.) I adore Wonder Woman. Always have. And so, she joins Batsy on the DC offerings here on ye olde blog. Strong women? Hells yes. wwdress Let’s do this.   ...