Yo Ho And A Ship Full Of Bats!

Marvelous!Monday, Bat!fans! hspd Happy St. Patrick’s Day, if you celebrate! Green beer all around! happydance   And because it’s been so long, and Dragon really, really wanted me to do an update… Batsy’s back! happydance2 I’ve been trying to play catch up and mean to do a real update soonish. happydance3 But for now, let’s focus on the shenanigannery of our favorite Dark Knight! ...

Wanted: One Iconic Clowny Nemesis. Must Love Bats.

Issue #4, Batman (Winter 1940) Moody!Monday, Batfans! monday You have Dragon to thank for this post. I’ve been so busy the last couple of months, I was unaware how desperately my comedic snarking upon CL was needed. Especially considering the awfulness of the day we’ve had. imissya (Not like the man lives with me or anything, so he gets the totally undiluted, BTTW version of yours truly. A “Best of Snarkstress” album, if you will. Daily.) imfab Either way, I have been informed that I need to do an update, and so, an update you shall get. lovespray Let’s. Do This. ...

I Have Not Abandoned You!

Things have been super crazy around here, what with In-Law visits and Audio project deadlines looming. However! We have a few things cooking right now, one of which can be found here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hrjackson and listened to LIVE ever ...

Batsy And Cat, Sittin’ In A Tree…

Issue #3, Batman (Fall 1940)

Moody!Monday, Batfans!

So let’s see if the technology around here is planning to stick around and work a little longer, eh? Last month was a wash in the Snark department for precisely that reason.


And there towards the end of the month, especially, I just was SO frustrated and annoyed that my Snarky nature took a vacation.


But I’m back. *fingers crossed* Provided the tech holds out.



She!Hulk Gets Misunderstood

The Savage She-Hulk, #3 (April 1979) Tempestuous!Tuesday, Shulkanauts! shulkiereveal That sound you hear? That’s the sound of my squee when I discovered that, though the status of a few of my comics collections remains on shaky ground, I had NO problems getting into my She!Hulk stash. yaypup Thank heavens, because I was about to seriously cry bitter tears of emo-woe that would make even Emo!Thor jealous. sadrapunzel And we know he generally has the market cornered on emo. thorrain This week we’ve been busy with the Book Tour, and you can follow its progress at our FB Fan Page, if you’d like. If you’ve read our books, fantastic! Let us know what you think in the comments, or leave a review on amazon or whathaveyou. We always love to hear from our fans. And speaking of fans… goodness, it’s been warm here lately! Well, warm for Seattle (mid 80s), but you’d swear the city were melting with the hysteria around the temps. As always, we’re quite happy that we have central AC. hotowl   Beyond that, this week has already been filled with too many dental visits, prepping for the arrival of Dragon’s Mom next month, and just general shenanigannery around ye olde Hus af Snark. I’ve been working on a bunch of audiobook projects and working my little heiney off doing something that, besides this blog, I truly enjoy. I mean really… my voice, reading books to you? What’s not to like? hairflipme But you’re not here to hear me gloat about my awesomeness, are you? ...

Two-Thor-One, Fangirl Friday Post!

It’s Friday! Not Thursday. Because I was *really* busy yesterday, so I ran out of time to get all the way through Emo!Thor.



As there hasn’t been a lot to report around Hus af Snark this week, I thought I may as well just give it to you with the Friday post. Because I’m reserving my Fridays for “in case I didn’t get to it” posts and whatnot.

But I’m not forgetting what I *really* like to put up on Fridays, because it’s the Fangirl post, SO let's get this party started!



Wonder Woman Joins The Circus!

Issue #1, Wonder Woman (June 1942) Wondrous!Wednesday, Amazon!Fanatics! We’re back with the second story from ‘Ish #1 of WW. humpdaywoop What a week so far. Between the unexpected death of Glee’s Cory Monteith, the unexpected not-guilty verdict in the Zimmerman case, and the unexpected passing of 13 year-old Talia Castellano, the news has been pretty much just sadness and woe. There have been riots and tears all around, and here in sunny Seattle, we’ve been doing what we can to keep perky. bunnuzzle2 Mostly by ingesting obscene amounts of giffage while working like a madwoman on editing my latest audiobook project and hammering out chapters for book 3 of The Nemesis Chronicles. faketyping The week *did* start out rather nicely, to be honest. We had a wonderful weekend with some friends. Broke out the Risk: Godstorm game and just had a blast. Good food (amazeballs burgers on the grill, ‘tater and mac salads), laughter, and awesome friends make for fun times. nomnomnom Then Snarkstress had to get sick. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I have  a sore throat like nobody’s business, and feel like warmed over death. I’m seconds away from devolving into a whiny girl-child, and nobody wants that, trust me. So I’m going to drink some more tea (with some honey we picked up at a local farmer’s market the aforementioned friends introduced us to) and see what I can do to laugh, quietly and mostly in my brain, by embracing my inner Amazon and telling this ickiness to GTFO. frogkick And who better to help keep the giggles going than our delightful daughter of Hippolyte? ...

The Tragedy! The EMO! Sad Panda She!Hulk!

The Savage She-Hulk, #2 (March 1979)


Tempestuous!Tuesday, Shulkanauts!

San Diego Comic Con is coming up. And we are not going to be there. Because we cannot, for the life of us, get our hands on tickets before they sell the hell out.


And Patrick Warburton is going to be there with Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick.


*Le sigh*

So I must distract myself with gifs and She!Hulk.


It’s Getting Downright UGLY Up In Gotham.

Issue #3, Batman (Fall 1940)

Moody!Monday, Batfans!


Here’s hoping you had a lovely weekend. We spent ours celebrating Dragon’s Birthday, wandering a farmer’s market, having awesome breakfast with awesome friends, and glutting on Deadpool gaming goodness, with a side order of Sly Cooper for good measure.

Now it’s back to the old grindstone, as it were. At least for a few days before the holiday.

Not that that’s stopping our neighbors from celebrating with fireworks on Sunday night, apparently.

What THEY think they sound like: (wait for it…)


In reality:



And so, in order to distract myself from the overwhelming urge to go out and get all bent out of shape, let’s take a look at what our favorite Dynamic Duo is up to this time, shall we?