Batsy’s Weight Is Over!


Issue #59, Detective Comics (January 1942)

Batman with Robin in “The King Of The Jungle!”

Moody!Monday, Batfans!

Well let’s just say that the freebie promos we’ve run on 4/20 and 4/29 for our book have been incredibly successful. Over 700 copies sold to date, and more still trickling in.

And we’re eagerly anticipating the end of May when we get to open up distribution to more markets. Our fans have made this possible, and we can’t thank you enough!

In other news: This Friday is the release of The Avengers movie! I’ve been catching up on the Ultimates (something the script for the movie is drawing from) along with my regular comic reading. We’ve also caught up on Ultimate Avengers 1 & 2 on Netflix, and, well, let’s just say if I’m not ready for the movie this Friday, then I never will be.

Enough of my nattering, let’s get on with the DC show:



When last we saw our heroes, they were busy wrangling a weird little bird-man bent on mayhem in Gotham’s art museum. Alas, they weren’t able to dispatch the Pesky!Penguin because he hopped a train at the last second. A train headed out of town… or so we thought:

He just manages to snag a ride and slips inside the car, to find he isn’t alone:

Of course, Fatty!McPenguin finally speaks up, having had enough of the name calling:

Of course, all of this name-flinging angers the other passengers and, thusly enraged, they decide to teach this interloper a lesson:

Pengy finally introduces himself and we discover that he’s already rather well known amongst the unwashed hobo!criminal community. But not to be outdone, they start comparing bounties. Ten grand for one, fifteen for another, and the Penguin listens to it all:

A natural smooth-talker, Penguin lays out an alternative plan:

As they hammer out the rest of the details, we turn our attention just a few cars up ON THE SAME TRAIN, where we spy a pair of figures we’re all familiar with:

Staring out the window at the swell scenery to keep from admiring his travel companion’s amazing jaw-line, Young!Dick spies a familiar figure and at the next train station:

Meanwhile, Lard!McPenguinpants is laying out his plan to the rest of his newfound friends:

One of the hunted!men speaks up, mentioning that he’s got a reward out for him in a nearby city, and thusly they go forth to enact our villain’s dastardly scheme:

Penguin collects the reward, counts it right out in the open, and leaves with a cool grand. Later that evening:

Soon after, the pellet releases a sleeping gas that knocks out the guards, thus allowing for a hasty escape. The next day:

After some more questioning, Brucie really only wants to know one more thing:

Later that night, our dynamic twosome flies through the, er, jungle in search of their prey:

They spring into the clearing, just as Penguin’s divvying up the dough, quickly taking down even the crew gathered around Penguin as a makeshift guard. But just before turning their sights on Pengy, HE turns his sights on them:

Everyone in the path of the sleeping gas immediately passes out, leaving Penguin and his few remaining followers to hop the next train:

Not content to let him get away, our heroes make a dash and hop aboard the same train:

But as soon as they’re on board:

Not one to waste a moment of good fortune, Penguin makes a suggestion:

And the new!goons do exactly as ordered:

Penguin and his flock abandon the train, and our upended heroes to their slow, lingering deaths:

Batsy has a plan!

Finally free, he takes a moment to save his sidekick:

They hop off the train as well and head for home to do some extensive planning. A few days later, we see a familiar sight:

Again a payout, and again a ploy:

The cops, in a spectacular display of trust, even let Pengy distribute the gifts himself:

They have a gift opening celebration later, but let’s go back to our heroes, where Batsy has figured out exactly what Penguin is up to:

The pictures in question turn out to be photos of the wanted men who already were captured and escaped, but poor Batsy can’t figure out where he’ll strike next:

The news informs our heroes that Bignose has escaped after sawing through his bars. Consequently, Batsy knows where the next prisoner will turn up and off they head to Arkansas, where Penguin is already turning in the latest wanted criminal:

No sooner does he have money in hand, Pengy pulls a fast one on the warden, spraying him with a lapel flower:

Batman and Robin show up too late to catch them, but not too late to catch a little hell:

The chase is on with Pengy and his crew in a car, and Batman in his plane, until Penguin forces his guys to jump onto a nearby ship. They threaten the captain with lead poisoning (via bullets, I presume) if he doesn’t keep the barge going, and he readily agrees. Suddenly, our heroes drop to the deck from the Bat!Plane:

Before they can recover, Pengy’s crew beats them into submission and tosses them overboard on Penguin’s command:

But the cold water shocks our heroes awake in enough time to grab onto the rear rotating paddle wheel. It hoists them up onto the deck again, and the fight resumes:

While Robin takes down a few by hand, Penguin pulls a sword from the handle of his ‘brella, and engages in a little sword play with Batsy:

The fight continues, each one spitting jibes while death hovers about:

And at the last second, when he realizes he isn’t going to win, Pengy does the only thing he can:

Try as they might (and it wasn’t very hard, lemme tell you) they can’t find Pengy’s body, and so, consign him to the sea:

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