Batsy Takes Young!Dick For A Ride…


Issue #51, Detective Comics (May 1941)

Batman and Robin in “The Case Of The Mystery Carnival!”

Moody!Monday, Batfans! Happy Chinese New Year, to you! It’s the year of the Dragon this year and personally, I think that bodes well since I’m married to one. *cheesy grin*

I trust you all had a great weekend? After the Sno-pocalypse of 2012 finally turned into Ice-pocalypse 2012, followed by Rain-pocalypse 2012, we did too. The craziness continued up here on the news, as the weather peeps found themselves not nearly as ice encapsulated as they swore we all would be.

Although, that didn’t stop the news channels from preempting 14 hours worth of programming A DAY for three days straight just so we could enjoy constant rehashes of the “OMG! THERE’S WHITE STUFF FALLING FROM THE SKY!” news reports.

Oh, Seattle. Stay classy. I wouldn’t trade the drama for anything.

Beyond being a little housebound, I did a little of everything that I mentioned in my Friday post, and I *still* feel like the weekend wasn’t long enough.

I even got in some cuddle time with little Urd, who went all rattie-squee with delight at the belly rubs and kissies she received.

And then I picked up ‘ish #51 of Detective Comics and proceeded to laugh myself into a snorting-crying-omg-this-really-happened fit.


You know you’re dying to find out why…


When last we saw our bombastic heroes, they were duking it out with the Red!Devils, fearlessly leaping and twirling through the air, trying out new rocket-skates, getting bopped on the noggin’ by baddies and tossed in front of trains, dangling from clock hands, and quasi-murdering their foes. All in the name of JUSTICE! And to be honest, all that activity…well, it takes something out of you.

Along the way, Young!Dick spots a random amusement park that, surprisingly, no one even knew was lurking out in the country.

Inside, Young!Dick is quickly swept up in all the pomp and pizazz:

After an exciting spin race down the track, it’s snack-time:

A little later, the pair stroll by a carny, offering a prize for knocking over the bottles and Young!Dick eagerly wheedles Bruce into letting him give it a whirl. The bottles don’t stand a chance against our boy wonder, but he’s not content to just stop at the first three tries:

Having beaten the carny at his own game, the pair walk away, winners:

They pass another concession stand, only this time, they don’t stop to investigate because there’s a slot machine involved, and as you already know from past issues, Slot Machine = EVIL IS AFOOT. So they make a bee-line for the administration office in search of Brucie’s good friend Colonel!Dawes:

Much to poor Brucie’s dismay, Colonel!Dawes seems preoccupied and in a hurry, so he doesn’t stick around to reminisce, but outside:

The plot thickens as Bruce explains:

Bruce also recognizes Dawes’ companion as Mouse!Docker, a small time criminal, which means there’s something really, really wrong going on, so the pair head back to the car to change:

When darkness falls, the pair creep back into the carnival, watching as Bogus!Dawes takes a stroll through his wax museum. The slip inside, but have to hide when they hear someone coming:

Threat averted, our duo continue their search for Bogus!Dawes, making it a little further in before they have to give a repeat performance of “unmoving wax figures”:

Again, our heroes wander, until they hear voices coming from behind a random green door:

The baddies have laid out the entire operation, but before Batsy can think of a plan, Bumbling!Robin makes a blunder, knocking down one of the wax figures. It crashes to the floor, alerting the crooks inside that something is amiss, and all hell breaks loose. Our heroes fight like tigers, but there are too many crooks and not enough room to maneuver, so they wind up getting caught:

Real!Dawes doesn’t respond to Batsy’s calls, but he’s breathing, so it must mean he’s still alive. Unfortunately, Mindy’s gang has tied our heroes so securely, even Batsy can’t get free. Woe! But wait! Creepy!Caretaker appears a few hours later, armed with a knife, and an unsettling way of laughing at everything:

Newly freed, Batsy races over to check on Real!Dawes, who appears to have been drugged and is in dire need of a doctor:

Robin immediately goes for a jaunt into the wax museum, where he’s spotted by some of Mindy’s thugs. Time to run:

Robin leads the baddies on a merry chase through the not-so-fun-house, disappearing through one of the many doors in the hall of doors:

The rest of the crew manage to find the right door, which leads them to a giant slide. Robin is two steps ahead, or rather, one giant slide ahead, and knocks them over before darting away again. They find him spinning on the spinning floor (yes, it’s a real thing) and figure his capture will be a piece o’ pie:

Again, Robin gets away. Again the baddies go after him. And AGAIN, Robin manages to make them all look like idiots:

Ultimately, Robin ditches the tail, and gets away. Meanwhile, outside, the rest of the thug!aboos are having a few holdup parties:

It’s quickly revealed that Joey didn’t just faint, he was bopped on the noggin’ with a baseball, courtesy of your friendly, neighborhood Batman:

One holdup averted, Batsy takes off in search of the next one, using the nearby the Airplane Ride as a boost to slingshot him over the heads of the crowd:

He knocks over the baddies, and proceeds to show them a thing or two about being the hero of the story:

Back in the hideout, Mindy’s prepping to blow this popsicle stand, when Batman arrives. Mindy, naturally, freaks right the hell out and starts shooting:

Mindy heads for the rollercoaster, shoves a dollar at the operator, and climbs aboard.

Batsy, who also apparently has forgotten how a rollercoaster works, decides he’d rather give Mindy some nightmare fodder than wait around for the car to make the rounds:

Our hero leaps from the Ferris Wheel to a supporting beam on the coaster, and waits, patiently until Mindy’s ride comes into view. He leaps through space, lands on Mindy, and proceeds to beat the CRAP out of the terrified gangster:

Crisis averted as the car coasts BACK to it’s starting point, the mystery has been solved.

Until Thursday!


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