Batsy Loses His Mind!


Issue #55, Detective Comics (Sept 1941)

Batman & Robin in…”The Brain Burglar!”

MOOOOOOOODY!Monday, Batfans!

We’ve got snow threatening to fall, and it’s MUCH later in the afternoon than I even planned on being awake. Who loves you? WHO?

SO! It’s been a darned busy week, what with getting everything set up and published. Good news: We got our proof back on Saturday and spent the weekend making whatever print changes necessary to ensure the hard copy of the book is going to look awesome. I have to say, it’s one thing to say you wrote a book and published it, but it’s quite another to actually HAVE a copy in your hands.

I also put the finishing touches on the website (http://thenemesischronicles.com). I’ll be fleshing out the info about the characters and a glossary of basic terms, just for ease of access over the coming week.

To those of you who’ve already bought copies of the e-book, our heartfelt thanks. We hope you’re enjoying it. To those of you holding out for the hard copy,HERE YOU GO! In fact, I’ll be making an announcement over on the book site about how to get an autographed copy (because, well, why not?)

So that’s that. Buy the book. Read it and stay tuned for more updates both here and at the official Nemesis Chronicles website.



It’s been a while, but when last we saw our heroes, they were saving the world from pirates. This time, they’re busy fending off a villain more evil, more insidious, more DASTARDLY:

Apparently, Professor!Henry has created a machine that will force people to tell the truth when worn. There’s a demonstration set for the next day, but later that night, the professor finds himself on the receiving end of a Gotham City welcome:

He comes to strapped to a chair, his truth machine pointed at his head, being menaced by a new baddie in fashionable yellow who wants to know how his machine operates:

Of course, Captive!Henry refuses to cooperate, prompting Baddie!Deker to do a little…persuading of his own:

Shortly after being manhandled, Captive!Henry spills the beans about how to use his device, and, surprise surprise (to no one!), Baddie!Deker proceeds to use the invention ON its creator:

So again, Captive!Henry spills the important details from his beautiful mind, which Baddie!Deker goes on to share with his OTHER yellow partners in crime:

They take their discovery to the trenches:

And mysterious operations are performed en masse:

The next day, the Gotham Gazette screams out headlines about the disappearance of one Professor!Henry and his fantastic brain machine, shortly followed by other famous scientists all going *poof* around the same time. That leads us to:

In any event, white hat on head, he catches up with Linda and they go to the aviation plant:

Of course, she won’t let it drop:

They stroll on up to the new Bomber being built in the plant, and just as they’re admiring this new feat of aviation technology, something goes horribly awry:

The workman absolutely loses his mind and runs amok, smashing into Brucie and knocking him out of sight. As the other workers suddenly all take leave of their senses and go zombified, a terrified Linda is escorted from the plant by her concerned uncle, abandoning Brucie to the fates. But! As fate would have it:

And kicking ass commences, with our hero showing off his new moves:

And certainly not least of all:

The workers he misses with his impressive new arsenal of completely underwhelming moves, he mows down with a giant airplane tire, before jetting off to avoid uncomfortable questioning:

Moments later, a de-batted Brucie stumbles out from behind the boxes:

Meanwhile, a group of baddies reports success to the baddies in yellow and they further their plotting, while back at the mansion:

Batsy gets a plan together and heads off to save a life:

Moments later, the same baddies that reported to the yellow!baddies show up and abduct Mason, carting him off to a private hospital way out in the boonies, where he’s immediately placed in the brain machine and forced to tell Deker all his secrets:

Moments later, Robin appears, knocking out an adversary and distracting Deker long enough for Mason to do a quick change:

Come to find out, it was all a disguise, and having been in the brain machine, Batsy suddenly understands exactly how to use it and plugs Deker in to make him confess:

Suddenly, someone appears and mentions a dirigible:

They flee for the steel plant, where bedlam has already erupted. Our heroes make short work of the crazed workers and while Robin handles the insanity downstairs, Batsy takes it to the catwalk to face off against a crazy agent. The two struggle against the railing, right above a cauldron of white-hot, molten steel:


He manages to lasso all the baddies and hoist them into the air, prompting a rare “atta boy” from Batsy:

They zoom off in the Bat!Plane, and catch up with the dirigible just as it’s heading for the sky:

Letting autopilot take over, the pair head for the zeppelin and break on in:

The baddies flee like cockroaches, and two make it to the very top of the dirigible. Batman takes the fight to them, nearly gets knocked off the side, but manages to find purchase and fling himself back aboard:

One of them manages to fire off a shot, which, is really bad news for our heroes, as in less than a minute (because they’ve got it timed, y’all!) the whole ship is going to blow up:

They zoom off into the sunset, the flames of the burning wreckage illuminating them heroically, but Robin has ONE final question for his BFF:

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