Batsy Gets A New Hat


Issue #73, Detective Comics (March 1943)

Batman & Robin: “The Scarecrow Returns!”

Moody!Monday, Batfans! Happy National Chocolate Pecan Pie day! (Or, y’know, Tuesday and post pie day.)

Sorry about the delay, getting back into the work week is always a bit of an adjustment after our thrilling weekends, during which we quest so far, conquer so many lands, and flat out face-stab those who oppose our will. All from the comfort of our living room. Air conditioned to protect against the screamingly hot Pacific Northwest summer. Two whole days in the mid nineties, y’all. It was bedlam. I think I saw a neighbor spontaneously combust.

I’m still recovering.

Soooo. Ezio and I had some more facetime this weekend. I finally finished the main questline, so now all I have to do is go back through and do all the side quests and get the rest of the awesome glyph puzzles. I remember chatting with someone about the puzzles in AC:2, and they were convinced that they were insanely hard. So far? I haven’t experienced that level of frustration with them, so… yeah. Anyway, I said I’d switch games when the main quest was done, and switch I did. To The Amazing Spider-Man. Completely prepped to be BLOWN AWAY by the sheer awesomeness dripping from the reviews of the game.

Yeah. Not so much.

Look, to be fair, when it comes to Comic games, I tend to compare them against Batman: Arkham Asylum/City. Particularly in regards to graphics and fight scenes. I’ve had a string of disappointing titles cross my console (Thor, among them *sad face*) and some really fantastic ones from both Marvel and DC, but it always seems to come back to those two. I’m hoping Injustice League gives me another, because when DC does something right, it does it *RIGHT*, folks. Marvel has, admittedly, been rather hit or miss when it comes to titles with me.

The Amazing Spider-Man was… interesting. But ultimately? Not as mind blowing as I was expecting. I mean the graphics are good. Spidey is quite fetching in his suit… even as it’s slowly stripped away the more damage he takes until I was seriously starting to wonder if he’d be a few shreds away from the full Peter. And the city is pretty nicely rendered. Not quite as interactive as some games, but there’s a good deal of interactivity involved. Travel? Yeah. First Person web slinging through the streets of NY, pretty sweet once you get the hang of it. However, where it falls short? The main plot. I understand that this picks up where the movie left off, and there are some rather interesting twists and turns to the story, but after a while? You’re just battling the same baddies in increasingly repetitive waves. The snark is there, with Spidey having a lot of quips and funny moments. But, to put it in perspective, I was able to complete the main story in about 8 hours of solid gameplay. And that was WITH doing a few side quests and going on comic page collecting expeditions.

So overall? I’d give it about a 3.5 out of 5. Don’t worry… I’m working on a rating system. Because I love you guys. You’re welcome.

What else did we do this weekend? I made Couchlocked Woe-Cakes in the shape of Marvelites (fully edible: butter cake, chocolate chips, and pecans) and we ate the hell out of them. AND! My Dragon fixed the garbage disposal! WHILE SUFFERING FROM A SUMMER COLD! *Preens proudly* Although, I will admit to having one of those horror movie moments where I turned to see him with his hand down inside the disposal drain and my eyes immediately flew to the switch to ensure it wasn’t being moved by some invisible hand. Or… feline paw, as we’re apparently all that’s standing between the Feline!Mafia and their plan for world domination.



I’m sure, if there’s something I’ve forgotten, Dragon will be sure to remind me for Thursday’s post.


Last we left our gruesome twosome, they were busy handling some business flung their way by a faux-judge who felt it necessary for baddies to be more legit… at least as far as the criminal underworld was concerned. All the ends were tied, up, and no one died this time (although plenty of fists were thrown), with everything coming up roses in the end.

Surprisingly, Brilliant!Crane is not aware of a little phobia called cocklaphobia which is, in fact, the fear of hats. But whatevs. That’s why he’s behind bars, not shlepping chapeaux to the ladies. Well, that, and his little stint as a villain we have yet to meet, so I shall leave this irony filled panel at that and move on.

This doesn’t bode well. If you’ll remember, the last time poor Bruce was in the company of Lala!Linda, he ended up having to fake falling from a stopped ferris wheel. I sense that there might be some underlying reason he’s tagging along with a woman he clearly has barely veiled distaste for:

Gnome!Linda proceeds to show off some of her favorite antique hats, and then the fashion show begins:

Just as Gnome!Linda is about to launch into a “WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU, DOOD?” tirade, the show is brought to a screeching halt:

Recovering quickly from his slip-up, he breathes a heavy sigh of relief that Gnome!Linda is way too worried about the hat-napping playing out on the stage:

Refusing to sit still while the robbery is taking place, and conveniently NOT dangling above the ground from a giant Ferris Wheel this time, he does the only other thing he can think of:

He proceeds to deliver a few blows, slowing down the robbery, all under the guise of being Super!Klutz, until Savvy!Scarecrow catches on:

Clocking him on the noggin with a gun butt, our hero goes down for the next few minutes, during which time The Scare!Crew gets away with the loot. When Brucie comes to, he finds himself not alone. No. He has a nurse:

Memory jogged, Brucie asks the million dollar question:

TOLD!Brucie takes a closer look at the slate, as you do, and finds that not only is the word HAT on there, but it’s been joined by another three-lettered word, MAT.

While our hero ponders the meaning, Snarky!Linda has decided it’s time for her to call it a night:

Finally absolved of his dately duties, Brucie rushes home:

They quickly switch into their super-gear and head out:

They make their way up the side of the building, and poor Robin suffers a fit of pique:

They head up into the rafters to get a better view of the ring below, Robin quipping that he at least hopes the matches will be good if the Scarecrow doesn’t decide to show up. They’re just settling in for a long night when Robin spots something peculiar in the crowd:

Now that the plan has been revealed, let’s see how it unfolds, shall we?

They eventually close down the bond sales and move on to the big event, Crusher!Conger vs. Samson!Saxe, who, on their way to the ring, stop near a popcorn vendor for a little more artillery:

And as SOON as they get into the ring, they make it clear that there’s going to be a fight of a very different nature going on when the announcer mentions that they’ll be wrestling without pay. A gun upside the noggin and a warning to the crowd keeps all the attention off of Crane, who slips into his own costume all incognito style:

Meanwhile, up in the rafters:

He jumps into the ring and proceeds to beat the crap out of both Crusher and Saxe, giving them both a lesson in the various “moves” as Robin hops in to provide support. All the while, no one notices Scarecrow making for the exit. But before he can reach it, Batsy flings Crusher in his direction, knocking him off his feet:

And in the ring?

When support (in the form of the popcorn guys) shows up, giving Scarecrow a chance to grab a weapon of his own and start shooting at the lights above the ring. And as one of the floodlights falls to trap our heroes, Scarecrow starts plotting again:

Then he makes his escape:

Everyone rushes to the ring to help our heroes, lifting the light and getting them some medical attention:

Of course, Batsy sees it as a failure, given that they only saved the money and not stopped the baddies, but someone decides to set him straight:

So what’s our next 3-lettered word to be afraid of?

Naturally, Batsy thinks the card is a clue too, so off they go to Vortex Cleaners and Dyers, in the hopes of catching Scarecrow in the act of villainy. But smartly, they decide to climb up the side of the building rather than bust through the front door:

Sure enough, they spot the Scare!Crew, chillaxing on the other side of the main door, guns drawn, talking about how creeped out they are by the whole building:

Deciding to oblige them and end the creep-charade, our heroes hurtle into action:

Scarecrow makes a run for it while Batsy and ‘bin clean up the baddies left behind. Of course, he doesn’t get far before he remembers that he’s supposed to be the villain of this story:

Batsy heads right for him with Robin close behind, but finds himself in a bit of a pickle when the floor beneath him gives away at Scarecrow’s pull of a cord:

As villains are wont to do, Scarecrow sets his “kill Batman” plan into motion:

They depart, leaving our heroes to drown. Time ticks by, the water rises, and it soon becomes clear that Robin has already given up:

Batman decides to thrash his legs around a bit to create a current that floats the stick over to him:

Meanwhile, we head down to… Chinatown?

Before the store owner can even begin to fight back with more than words, Scarecrow clocks him on the noggin (a popular move for this guy, apparently) and they carry on with the ransacking:

While the Scare!Crew continues loading up their sacks with trinkets, outside, Batsy and Robin sneak on up:

Peering inside confirms his suspicions that he’s on the right track and they waste no time at all crashing the party:

It doesn’t take long for things to go from bad to worse for the poor Scare!Crew:

And not to be outdone:

The battle rages on until everyone is out cold. Everyone, that is, except for Scarecrow:

The two charge him at the same time, convinced that he’ll be so confused by the both of them coming at him that he won’t know where to fire first. And it works. He topples back into the glass counter case behind him:

Now conscious, the shopkeeper drops a little more Confucius wisdom on our duo:

Later, as Scarecrow is carted away, he babbles on about getting out of prison again because he’s just that awesome:

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