Batsy Blazes Up!


Issue #95, Detective Comics (January 1945)

Batman & Robin: “Fight Fire With Fire!”

Moody!Monday, Batfans!

Long time no see. And I apologize about that, but there was work to be done, books to be written and edited, tiny cookies to be made.

This is usually a pretty busy time of year for us. Not that we’re all exploding with Christmas spirit or anything, but still… Holidays.

And why is it that every year you promise you’ll have *everything* done by the time December rolls around, and before you realize it, it’s December and you’re still not finished?

This is also the time of year that Snarkstress gets all nostalgic and contemplative about the year and the events thereof. It’s been one hell of a year for us, with a lot of firsts. And a lot of lasts. But mostly, a bunch of awesome opportunities that we didn’t squander as we might have in years past.

So, let’s check in on our favorite caped!crusader and ‘boo!wonder to see what kind of trouble they’ve managed to get themselves into this time, shall we?


(On a side note, I have watched this gif while listening to my iPhone playlist and have yet to find a song that they aren’t dancing in sync to.)

You’re welcome.


When last we saw our heroes, they were busy saving the life of an ex-con, bringing him to justice and then letting him go again, all while looking fabulously stylish. As always. Our latest issue opens with a brawl between the GCPD and some gangsters aboard a luxury gambling ship:

And that isn’t all! Elsewhere in the city:

And on and on. Seems like Batsy is giving the GCPD boys in blue a much needed heads up on all sorts of criminal enterprises of late. Once they’re all rounded up, it’s time for a little train trip:

Unfortunately, before they can even leave the station, things start to go horribly awry as a Mystery!Baddie knocks out the assistant engineer and shoots the main engineer to take control of the train:

Taking a quick detour, the train eventually stops and Blaze’s men clamber aboard, shooting the remaining police escorts and freeing the baddies:

Of course, the question is a good one, but apparently Blaze has a plan to end Batsy’s usefulness, once and for all. The next day, Commish!Gordon gets an unusual request from a visiting dignitary:

Outside, Baron!VP pops off his monocle, revealing none other than The!Blaze. He giggles like an imp and takes off. Meanwhile:

They race off into the city and step out on a stage to the enthusiastic applause of a hundred police rookies:

They wrap up the show shenanigans with a demonstration by Batsy of his ability to disguise himself with makeup:

As a grand finale, Commish!Gordon decides it’s best to reward Batsy for his good works:

Later, Gordon passes along the request for protection from Baron!VP, and Batsy accepts with his usual savoir faire:

They head to VP’s place and Batman leaves Robin in the car:

Inside, Baron!VP welcomes his newest party goer, ushering him directly to the dessert table:

Unfortunately for our hero, he quickly learns that this isn’t just any old cake:

Batsy reacts to this sudden sleepiness in the only way he knows how:

He collapses to the floor and the henchies get to work, popping him into a net and hoisting him to the ceiling:

Below, the gathering of freed baddies debates just how to end his life, and inside the net, Batman tries to figure out a way to escape:

He quickly saws through the strands as The!Blaze makes his final decision about his demise:

Naturally, Batman escapes right in the nick of time and proceeds to Pun!ch his way through the room. Just then, Robin appears to lend a couple fists on the side of good. Unfortunately for him, Blaze is prepared to do just about anything to stop Batsy:

Of course our hero wouldn’t dare do anything to put his ‘boo in danger (y’know, beyond what he does on his own) and surrenders:

But lest you think Beleaguered!Batsy is giving up, think again:

Robin frees himself and smacks Blaze with the net, but not before Blaze gets a smack of his own on Batman. He drops like a sack of potatoes, the henchies all scatter:

Hearing the motors gunning outside, Robin abandons his ‘boo and instead leaps out the window to try to stop them from getting away… and winds up getting caught. Again.

Arriving at the secret!hideout, they haul their trophy inside:

Across town:

The hours stretch on for our hero, with no word from his hostaged!sidekick, but then, suddenly:

Batsy wakes Gordon to take the call. It’s Robin. He’s reporting in to let Batsy know he’s okay and tied to a chair in a warehouse on Pier 8. But he gets interrupted:

While Batman slips off to the car, we flash back over to Blaze and crew, busy planning the next step in their dastardly schemes:

Blaze already has that under control and they depart, leaving just as Batman arrives to save the day:

Knocked for a loop, Batman tries to figure out why his arrival was met with less than effusive gratitude:

Of course, realizing that Robin will drown (now that he’s been shoved into the river), Batman leaps out into the water and dips below the surface:

Which can only mean one thing:

Later that afternoon, we catch up with our baddies, mid-heist at the museum:

But then our heroes arrive and start Pun!ching up the place:

And that, as they say, is that:

Until later!



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