Batmen And Indians


Issue #56, Detective Comics (October 1941)

Batman and Robin in… “The Stone Idol!”

Moody!Monday, Batfans!

By golly it’s a windy day out here in Seattle-land. Here we are, officially all “sprung” forward (and for once, I didn’t forget to change the clocks!) and yet here we are with wind…and rain…and more SNOW all up in our forecast. *hugs the city fiercely*

Beyond that? Working like a mo’fo, both in our actual jobs (because, yeah, we got bills) and gearing up to start in on the second tome in The Nemesis Chronicles.

St. Patty’s day is coming up, and I’ve got a corned beef with our names ALL over it (yes, I know, it’s not “traditional”, but it’s the one time of year I can justify breaking down and making some sweet, sweet crockpot love to a meaty slab of corned beef) and later in the week we shall be scooping up some cabbage for the colcannon. Mmmm. We shall feast like royalty for the weekend, and probably hate ourselves after. Eh. It’s worth it.

I just need to make sure I get my grubby paws on some Guinness to make the meal complete.

I have some new tools on the way for making the woe-cakes, and still waiting on the toaster oven. *cue excitement over crafty goodness*

Okay, enough prattling… Let’s get this bat-madness over with! BRING ON THE SNARK!



When last we saw our Bat-and-boy, they were busily staring down the baddies who wanted to brain-nap them and use their knowledge for acts of evil. After all that excitement, our pair have decided it’s time for another of their famous road trips, only this time, instead of hitting the carnival, they’re headed decidedly further west:

As they step into a local inn, they overhear the town loony, Mad!Mack, making noise about a stone idol:

And so it seems they’ve found their home away from home, as the storm rolling in behind them is bad enough to warrant an overnight stay. Meanwhile, out on a mountain road, lightning is causing a bit of an issue for a truck passing through:

Naturally, causing havoc on the road isn’t enough for this doozy of a storm:

The Stone!Idol comes to rest at the foot of the mountain, where the truck has disappeared, and the next morning, denizens of the city all gather around to stare:

Mad!Mack jumps to the Idol’s defense:

A sudden flash of light brings temporary blindness, and when they can finally see again, Stone!Idol is up and moving around!

Another flash of light, and suddenly the Idol is sitting back down again, not moving, certainly not speaking. While the mayor remains unconvinced by the spectacle, the rest of the city aren’t willing to risk it:

The Mayor tries again:

Mad!Mack appears, talking about the Stone!Idol being headed for the town…

But suddenly, the comic remembers who it’s about as our heroes race in to knock out all the baddie!friends:

Just as they’re wrapping things up, another series of bright silver flashes blinds our heroes, and when they can finally see again, all of the baddies are gone, and Stone!Idol is once again safely ensconced in his seat:

The pair slink away, leaving a grateful mayor wondering just who those masked men were. Meanwhile, back in the hotel:

And while they’re busy ruminating over the mysterious, Mad!Mack is terrorizing the town:

The townsfolk abduct the poor mayor and cart him up to one of the highest hills:

They toss him over, but thankfully for him, there’s help:

Our hero swings back to the townsfolk and proceed to knock a little sense back into them, and just as they’re making headway, another flash of silver light, and the idol is again on the move:

There’s ANOTHER flash of light:

As the truth dawns on our hysterical hero:

He teams up with the Mayor and the two manage to topple the Idol over the edge of the cliff, revealing a cave below!

Down below, Batsy discovers he’s in a mine-shaft, complete with an elevator that houses an empty stone throne, eerily similar to the occupied one that just went over the edge of the hill. He races down the tunnel, convinced that something nefarious is a-foot, and finds himself attacked by two baddies who seem to appear from nowhere. Just as he’s finishing them off, another sound catches his attention:

Before our hero can open the whoop-ass can, Robin kicks one of his handlers, but only manages to piss off the other guy:

Batsy runs to his rescue, but ends up being surprised himself:

The baddies abandon Unconscious!Robin and flee the scene, while our hero struggles to right himself and barely manages to save his partner:

Batman leaps from the ore cart just in the nick of time, and finds himself face to face with a HUGE giant Indian:

They trade blows:

With our beloved Batsy finally landing the one that sends Stone!Indian crashing into a support beam… which, as you can guess, in a MINE, isn’t exactly the best idea:

Robin and Batsy stash themselves underneath an overturned ore-cart, managing to survive most of the earth collapse, and later, they manage to dig themselves free (more or less), only to discover they aren’t alone:

Dying!Mack spills his tale of woe:

An elaborate scheme unraveled, by the time he’s done telling his story, he’s done for:

The pair make it back to the surface, tell the mayor the news, and flit off into the sunset:

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