And now a word from Snarkstress’ current addiction…

We will return you to your regularly scheduled Batsy next Monday because OMG I can’t stop playing this game! Seriously, we picked it up on Saturday and I’ve been playing it since. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was fun, but beatable in about 12 hours for me. Can’t wait for the next one and Dawnguard is filling that void nicely. I haven’t turned on the voice capability yet, almost afraid that I’ll start randomly Dragon Shouting people in real life. As it is, this DLC is turning me from a hack n’ slash gamergirl into a total stealthy archer. I think all the FPS practice with recent games is making me a better shooter. Heh. Perhaps I need to get myself to a gun range? In any event, I thought you deserved an update about my latest obsession. I’ll try to get Emo!Thor done this week and talk more about all the news dropped at SDCC from the Marvelous Marvelites. So much awesome announced! *runs back to the Xbox to slay more dragons* Snarkstresssig

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