It’s Getting Downright UGLY Up In Gotham.

Issue #3, Batman (Fall 1940)

Moody!Monday, Batfans!


Here’s hoping you had a lovely weekend. We spent ours celebrating Dragon’s Birthday, wandering a farmer’s market, having awesome breakfast with awesome friends, and glutting on Deadpool gaming goodness, with a side order of Sly Cooper for good measure.

Now it’s back to the old grindstone, as it were. At least for a few days before the holiday.

Not that that’s stopping our neighbors from celebrating with fireworks on Sunday night, apparently.

What THEY think they sound like: (wait for it…)


In reality:



And so, in order to distract myself from the overwhelming urge to go out and get all bent out of shape, let’s take a look at what our favorite Dynamic Duo is up to this time, shall we?


Fangirl Friday: Marvel-ous Manicures and Zombie Hunting!

I wish I could say TGIF this time, but no, alas, I am not thankful that it is Friday. I have a dental appointment, you see, and I loathe them. aloneowl However! Knowing that I have plenty of Valium makes things a touch easier. But still, sometimes a fangirl just has to channel some inner RAWR! to face the tough stuff, so I started doing some research. See, I draw my nail art inspiration from everywhere, including various things I’ve seen done online, and you know, I haven’t seen a single nail art done that even attempted to channel this particular favorite character of mine. In fact, I see a TON of nail art based on the boys out there…but a disturbing lack of fierce femme-based beauties, which started me thinking. That thinking led to doodling. That led to rummaging through all my polishes, because, damnit, I had a goal! And what a goal it was! ...

Rest In Pieces, Daddy!Odin.

Issue #198, The Mighty Thor (April 1972) The Mighty Thor “—And Odin Dies!” Thunderous Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts! thorfumble It’s a fluffy grey day here in Seattle and, considering how sunny and warm it’s supposed to get by the middle of next week, quite lovely out there. It’s certainly perfect weather for Thor to get his emo-on. Keep your eyes peeled this Friday. If I can get my nails to look the way I want, there will be some delicious nail!pr0n for you to admire. And for the unimpressed among you, I’ll be giving some reviews on what we’ve played through the last two weeks. (Four words: The Last Of Us.) There might even be some movie/tv reviews up for your enjoyment. allthebones   But the huge news of the day? The Supreme Court’s declaration that DOMA is unconstitutional. giddy   ...

Fangirl Friday!

(Snarkstress: I have found myself suffering from a bit of a .gif addiction. As such, this post is full of them (and pictures), so … you’ve been warned if things run a touch slower.)

I don’t know about you guys, but, MAN, am I glad it’s Friday.


It’s been quite a week around ye olde Hus af Snark and we’re both ready for a little Solstice Parade this weekend. And not just because there will be naked cyclists, either. (Although, it’s fascinating the dedication these people have to riding nude but for a little body paint in the chill and rain of the PacNW summer. Really.)


Either way, I thought a post was in order this Friday because I was having a little chat with Dragon the other day and, newsflash, he pointed out that there are some things that make me totally a girl.



Wonder Woman Takes The Stage!

wwintro1 Issue #1, Wonder Woman (June 1942) Wonderous!Wednesday, Amazon!Fanatics! This week I’ll keep it short and sweet, considering how long this snarking is. (And keep in mind, this post will only cover the FIRST story in issue #1...there are 4 of them.) I adore Wonder Woman. Always have. And so, she joins Batsy on the DC offerings here on ye olde blog. Strong women? Hells yes. wwdress Let’s do this.   ...

Absolutely GREEN With Awesome

The Savage She-Hulk, #1 (February 1979) The She-Hulk Lives! Temptation!Tuesday, She!Hulkanauts! shehulk So I mentioned last month that I’d start running a new couple of comics in the coming months rotations. A little background: You all know I’m a huge Wonder Woman fan. And if you didn’t, well, you haven’t been paying attention. I forgive you. In any event, Dragon and I were having a conversation about women in the different comic universes, and while strong women have been represented in both, only DC has had a long-running female based comic. While the both of us could name several strong feminine characters in the Marvel universe, we couldn’t come up with even *one* that had their own long-running series. Which led to me scouring the intertoobs with my google-fu, and thusly I discovered Spiderwoman and She-Hulk. Spiderwoman proved really quite tough to get ahold of back issues, but I was able to find She-Hulk’s stories in her brief, but intriguing solo series. ...

Batsy Goes Back To Basics

Issue #3, Batman (Fall 1940) Moody!Monday, Batfans! batcats I promised the first Monday of the month would be Batsy, and I’m determined to deliver. Now, let me explain a bit about what I’m gearing up to do. We’ve been following, thus far, Batsy and Robin through the Detective Comics line. That’s all well and good, but the stories have, of late, devolved into B&R v. gangsters. Which, frankly, I’ve been having a hell of a time snarking. There are, of course, the Batman annual issues, but those are HUGE (like, four to five comics per issue). However, some of them have introduced the most colorful of Batsy’s rogue’s gallery, and so, that is where I’m going. I mean, hey, if I’m only rolling out Batsy once a month, might as well make it interesting, yeah? I’ll break them into bite sized chunks (the same size as a standard issue) and work my way through. So strap yourselves in. We’re pressing the rewind button and snarking Batman #3. ...