Hand Of Time Cover

Hand Of Time is LIVE!

Happy publishing day! Hand Of Time, Book 2 of The Nemesis Chronicles is NOW available over on Amazon, Createspace, and B&N for your reading pleasure.   We want to thank each and every one of you for your support, for your wonderful r ...

Hand of Time, Chapter 2!

Yesterday, you got a sneak peak at Chapter 1 of the upcoming Hand of Time. If you read it yesterday, go back and reread, as I discovered later last night that I'd uploaded the "mostly edited" version, not the one for print. I'm relatively sure you'll notice the differences. In any event, it's fixed now. And since we've already heard from Dirk, I think it's time to take a peek and see what Morgan has been up to. 3 days and counting! Enjoy!



Hand Of Time Cover

Hand of Time, Chapter 1 ;)

Hand Of Time CoverSo, as announced in our last post, book 2 of The Nemesis Chronicles, Hand of Time, will be hitting your e-readers this Saturday. Yes, it's 4/20. Yes. We know. We also know that you're probably wondering about the audiobook and the hard copy. As far as the audio is concerned, we're hoping to have that out sometime in the next month, through Audiobooks.com. We'll be sure to keep you updated on the progress there. In regards to the hard copies, well, we've got the proof copy on its way and should have that on Thursday. Provided everything goes according to plan, they should be available on 4/20 as well through Createspace and Amazon. Are you excited yet? Because we are! In fact, we're SO excited about book 2, that we're going to post the first two chapters for you here. (And at the official site: http://thenemesischronicles.com) Just to whet your appetite, as it were. So, without further ado, Chapter 1 of Hand of Time. Enjoy!   1 THE AWAKENING (DIRK)



Walkthrough Wednesday (Audio!)

YAY! It's a podcast! Chock full of reviews and updates! I told you I'd get one done ;) It's a good thing, too, considering I'm sitting here like a hurt puppy with the way I punished my core with kettle bells yesterday and soothed it ...


Emo!Thor Gets His Groove On!

tmtintro196 Issue #196, The Mighty Thor (February 1972) The Mighty Thor “Within The Realm of KARTAG!” GOOOOOOOD Morning & THUNDEROUS Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts! Today’s update comes to you from a healthy dose of guilt (because I’ve ignored my beloved Asgardian for WAY too long and left y’all hanging) AND caffeine. Lots of it. So apparently I’m a lying liar about keeping this updated, and for that, well. You know. But I’ve got very good reasons: ...