Emo!Thor Saves Sif!

Issue #153, The Mighty Thor (June 1968) The Mighty Thor “…But Dr. Blake Can Die!” (Edited to add: So sorry! I accidentally set this to private while playing around with settings on Live Writer and just noticed it now! ~Snarkstress) Thundering!Thu ...


Batsy’s Boy Troubles!

Issue #41, Detective Comics (July 1940) Moody!Monday, Batfans! This week, we return from the Bat-stravaganza, back to good ol’ Detective Comics. I’m glad we took that little Batman #1 foray, to be honest, because now? At least you’ll have a tiny fra ...


An Emo!Thor And His Wrath

Issue #152, The Mighty Thor (May 1968) The Mighty Thor “The Dilemma of Dr. Blake!” (And I’m not even sure WHY this is the title when Lame!Blake makes NO appearance whatsoever.) Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts! I do hope you’ve had a ...


Emo!Thor Is TOO EMO For Death!

Issue #151, The Mighty Thor (Apr. 1968) The Mighty Thor “To Rise Again!” Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts! Thank you for your patience this past week. Between the damned vet’s office and Labor Day weekend, well… you already know the spie ...


Mental Health Break

So I do hope everyone had a good holiday weekend! First, let me apologize. The ratling emergency is still ongoing, but we’re dealing as best we can at the ‘mo. Poor baby either has an infection of some sort…or the big “C”, neither of which is conducive ...



Today's Emo!Thor post is...postponed due to a rattie emergency requiring Snarkstress's full attention. Soon as I have more than a minute to do an update, it'll be up. Thanks for understanding! ~Snarkstress