Virtual Book Tour Pimpin’.

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We’re having a virtual book tour!

This is kind of a big deal for us and we’re seriously looking forward to getting out there to share our books with everyone across the blogosphere.

There will be interviews (both podcast and written), reviews of the book, guest blogs… the whole thing.

In fact, one of the really awesome interviews we’re looking forward to is a character interview, where Dirk and Morgan will actually take time out of their oh-so-hectic lives to answer a few questions and give their opinions.

As a matter of fact, we’re opening it up to all of you, too!

If you had the opportunity to ask ANY question of our dynamic duo, what would it be? Post your questions in the comments and we’ll get you the answers you’re seeking. If we really love your question, we might just even include it in the official character interview on August 13th over at Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts And Reviews blog, and there might just be an extra little something in it for you as well.

Deadline for question submission for the character interview will be midnight PST, August 2nd.

But don’t think you can’t ask questions here anyway beyond the deadline! In fact, if we get enough of a response, we might just make character interviews a regular feature on this blog. Think of it as a way to really get to know the cast and crew of the Nemesis Chronicles.

This weekend we’ll be working on getting more details about just where you’ll be able to find us throughout the tour, and keep your eyes peeled here (and on our Facebook Fan Page) for times/places.

We are certainly looking forward to this tour. Are you?

~Snarkstress & Dragon

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